Essential vitamins to keep viruses at bay

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Essential vitamins to keep viruses at bay

Do your kids need vitamins to stay healthy?

Vitamins allow children's bodies to grow and develop healthily as they require energy to go about their daily activities. Deficiency in nutrients and vitamins in the long run may often affect their energy and concentration levels, hence it is recommended to provide them with additional supplement for healthier physical and mental development.


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How many vitamins are enough?

Moderation is always key. Thus, it is important to only give the essential and best vitamin supplements which can help the growth and normal functioning of the body.


Food that are high in vitamin C including strawberry, orange, kiwi, pomegranate, lemon, cauliflower and spinach

Can food provide enough vitamins for your children?

Children normally get sufficient vitamins as long as they aren’t picky over food. Nutritionists advise 1/4 plate brown rice, 1/4 plate meat/others, and 1/2 plate fruit and veggies for young children. While some children are selective of the food they take, it is recommended to supplement them with additional vitamins.


Balanced meals prepared including protein, fats, vitamins and minerals

What kind of foods has vitamins?

Food like vegetables, fruits, nuts, and fishes are good sources of vitamins. Different food choices provide different kinds of vitamin supplies to the body, here are some examples:

Mango and papaya – Vitamin A

Fish, meat, and eggs – Vitamin B & D

Broccoli, strawberry, and Orange – Vitamin C

Bell pepper, pumpkin, and nut – Vitamin E

It is quite hard to ensure that your kids will accommodate the meals you plan out for them. Thus, finding replacing supplements to cover what they are lack can aid in their growth efficiently.


What should I look out for in my children's meals?

Fruits are a good source of vitamins but they are also high in sugar. Meat on the other hand may have excess fats from skin. Give only healthy and appropriate portions of meat to avoid obesity.


Three girls are sitting under the big sun and exposed to vitamins D

Does sunlight give Vitamin D?

Yes, our skin produces vitamin D when we are exposed to sunlight, hence it is good to allow your children to play outdoors daily. Mornings like 8am tend to be the better timing to avoid nasty sunburns.


What is the best way for my children?

The best approach for your children to grow healthy is to adopt healthy eating habits while adding vitamins that are lacking in their diet. Alternatively, provide supplements such as our US Clinicals StrongKids products.

StrongImmune Kids help children to stay healthy

StrongImmune Kids

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StrongBrain Kids

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