How to protect your children eyesight

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How to protect your children eyesight

Over the years with the uprising of technology, relying on devices and smart gadgets has caused health issues for both adults and children, leading to poor eyesight. While adults can manage and control their daily usage, children of younger age will need some guidance and management over their devices, as excessive use might lead to severe eye damage.


Most parents face a big problem with their children being attached to digital screens for long periods of time. Mobile devices such as laptops, tablets, and smartphones can be damaging to the eyes in general, let alone  children who are still in their growing phase. We also explore some causes that will greatly affect your child’s eyesight.

  1. Extended duration of looking at digital devices, the blue rays produced by these devices had been found to have negative effect on the eyes.
  2. Children who grow up with less than 6 to 8 hours of sleep per night have higher chances of poor eyesight.
  3. Unbalanced and unhealthy food intakes such as high sugar, high fats, and cholesterol are also dangerous to eye health. Additionally, water is important to keep hydration in children's eyes.
  4. Frequent rubbing of the eyes may also worsen the child’s eyesight and it might lead to serious issues if their hands are dirty.


It is essential for parent toknow how to protect your child’s eyesight. Otherwise, poor eye health might create significant medical problems. Children with poor eyesight might encounter some issues in their daily lives:

  1. Difficulty concentrating in school work
  2. Complaining of headaches and eye strain
  3. Easily irritated and frustration


It is essential to set a good example when using devices, even when you think your children aren't paying attention. Here are some simple tips to consider when managing your children with devices:

  1. Spend more time with your child outdoors as much as you can
  2. Create or teach an interest that does not involve straining of eyes.
  3. Challenge your children to games or sports that involve aiming and accuracy so that they can understand the importance of good eyesight.
  4. Set up a proper schedule for children to study, play and sleep.

Ultimately, the best way of protecting our children’s vision is through prevention, US Clinicals® StrongEye™ Kids is a delicious chewable tablet for your child to develop healthy and good eyesight.

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