Clinical Studies - Lactoferrin


1. Morphological cell profiling of SARS-CoV-2 infection identifies drug repurposing candidates for COVID-19.

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2. Ambulatory COVID-19 Patients Treated with Lactoferrin as a Supplementary Antiviral Agent: A Preliminary Study.                 

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3. The Prospect of Lactoferrin Use as Adjunctive Agent in Management of SARS-CoV-2 Patients: A Randomized Pilot Study.

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4. Lactoferrin Against SARS-CoV-2: In Vitro and In Silico Evidences.

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5. The in vitro antiviral activity of lactoferrin against common human coronaviruses and SARS-CoV-2 is mediated by targeting the heparan sulfate co-receptor.

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6. Protective Effects of Lactoferrin against SARS-CoV-2 Infection In Vitro.

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7. Lactoferrin as potential supplementary nutraceutical agent in COVID-19 patients: in vitro and in vivo preliminary evidences.

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8. The Potential of Antimicrobial Peptides as an Antiviral Therapy against COVID-19.

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9. Lactoferrin as an immunomodulatory and iron-binding agent: Possible clinical implication in COVID-19.

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10. Liposomal Lactoferrin as Potential Preventative and Cure for COVID-19.

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11. Lactoferrin as potential preventative and adjunct treatment for COVID-19.
Chang, R., Ng, T. B., & Sun, W. Z. (2020). International Journal of Antimicrobial Agents, 56(3), 106118. 

12. Inhibition of SARS Pseudovirus Cell Entry by Lactoferrin Binding to Heparan Sulfate Proteoglycans.
Lang, J., Yang, N., Deng, J., Liu, K., Yang, P., Zhang, G., & Jiang, C. (2011). PLoS ONE, 6(8), e23710.

13. Antiviral Properties of Lactoferrin—A Natural Immunity Molecule.
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14. Therapeutic Effects of Lactoferrin in Ocular Diseases: From Dry Eye Disease to Infections.
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15. The effect of oral administration of iron saturated-bovine lactoferrin encapsulated chitosan-nanocarriers on osteoarthritis.
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16. Oral Administration of Lactoferrin Inhibits Inflammation and Nociception in Rat Adjuvant-Induced Arthritis.
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17. Efficacy and tolerability of oral lactoferrin supplementation in mild to moderate acne vulgaris: an exploratory study.
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18. Effects of a Bovine Lactoferrin Formulation from Cow’s Milk on Menstrual Distress in Volunteers: A Randomized, Crossover Study.
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19. Effect of Lactoferrin Supplementation on Iron Deficiency Anemia in Primary School Children.
El-Khawaga, A., & Abdelmaksoud, H. (2019). International Journal of Medical Arts

20. Efficacy of Lactoferrin Oral Administration in the Treatment of Anemia and Anemia of Inflammation in Pregnant and Non-pregnant Women: An Interventional Study.
Lepanto, M. S., Rosa, L., Cutone, A., Conte, M. P., Paesano, R., & Valenti, P. (2018). Frontiers in Immunology, 9.

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