Understand How Lactoferrin Helps with Immune System

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Understand How Lactoferrin Helps with Immune System

Understand How Lactoferrin Helps with Immune System

In June 2020, a University of Michigan research team had identified Lactoferrin from a library of 1425 FDA-approved compounds that promote healthy immune system. [1] Lactoferrin is a protein attained from mammalian milk. It’s known to have powerful antioxidant properties. It also acts as a powerful rein enforcement for immune health.   

In a different study, a team of Italian scientists, led by Luigi Rosa from the Department of Public Health and Infectious Diseases, University of Rome, Italy, had published a paper in September 2021 in an MDPI journal that’s known for its pioneer in scholarly open access publishing that’s based in Basel, Switzerland. They claim Lactoferrin (Lf), a glycoprotein found in cow or human milk, can be used to boost the immune system and support body recovery [2].

Human Lactoferrin synthesis is under hormonal control and therefore, diminishes with age. This explains why the elderly suffer from more severe symptoms as opposed to young children and indicates Lactoferrin treatment becomes increasingly effective with age.

The positive side is that bovine lactoferrin (bLf) possesses a high homology of gene sequence with similar functions to human lactoferrin (hLf). Therefore, humans can take bLf supplements orally to increase their Lf levels.   

Lactoferrin Supplement is Safe for Consumption

For several years now, various products containing Lf have been marketed as nutraceutical products. All of these products contain Lf derived from bovine milk (bLf), which possesses a high homology of gene sequence with similar functions to that of human Lf (hLf). Furthermore, bLf has been approved as Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) compound by the United States Food and Drug Administration (USA FDA) as well as a dietary supplement by the European Food Safety Authority [1].

US Clinicals® StrongImmune Lactoferrin is a lactoferrin supplement that provides dual action. Unlike other immune booster supplements such as Vitamin C meant solely for basic immune-boosting, our formulation contains Bovine Lactoferrin from New Zealand and Singapore Patented Biosculptor™ Probiotics that’s scientifically proven to enhance gut health and maintain a balance of good bacteria in the gut.

US Clinicals® StrongImmune Lactoferrin

Product Overview

StrongImmune Lactoferrin:

  • High purity lactoferrin from New Zealand
  • Contains Singapore Patented Biosculptor™ Probiotics
  • Freeze-dry technology - Protects heat sensitive proteins found in Lactoferrin, while maximizing functionality
  • High quality

StrongImmune Lactoferrin’s Functions:

  • Heighten Immune Response
  • Enhance Body Recovery
  • Promote healthy digestive tract 

When to consume US Clinicals® StrongImmune Lactoferrin:

US Clinicals® StrongImmune Lactoferrin is meant to be consumed daily for protection. It is also meant to be consumed prior to travelling or attending social gatherings and interactions.

Recommended Dosage

Take 1 capsule daily. For children below 12 years old, take half capsule daily. Those who are unable to swallow, open the capsule and mix with food or drinks.



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