Calcium, Menopause and Osteoporosis

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Calcium, Menopause and Osteoporosis

When women undergo menopause, they can lose up to 20 percent of their bone mass in the first five to seven years. This is due to the decline in the body’s production of oestrogen.


Oestrogen is the collective name for a group of female hormones primarily produced in the ovaries. Oestrogen plays a key role in promoting the activity of osteoblasts, which are cells that produce bones. When oestrogen levels drop during menopause, the osteoblasts are not able to effectively produce bone.


With age, our bodies lose bone faster than new bone can form. This rapid loss causes bones to become less dense and weak, increasing the risk for fractures and Osteoporosis - a health condition characterised by low bone mass or decreased bone strength.


To decrease the risk of Osteoporosis, doctors recommend that women adhere to the Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) of calcium. However, a national nutrition survey done by the Health Promotion Board (HPB) in 2010 showed that the average Singaporean consumes only 794mg of calcium a day. This falls short of the 1000mg RDA for female adults (aged 51 years and above).


1000mg of calcium is equivalent to about 750ml of milk (¾ of a standard milk carton). You may obtain calcium through food sources such as yoghurt, cheese, fish with edible bones (such as sardines and ikan bilis), lentils, green leafy vegetables, and calcium fortified food such as bread and soybean milk.


Apart from calcium, nutrients like phosphorus, magnesium, vitamins D, K and C also play a critical role in bone nutrition. These nutrients all work together to enable the body to effectively absorb and metabolise calcium. To obtain these other nutrients, be sure to eat a healthy and well-balanced diet of fruits and vegetables.


For those who have difficulty meeting their daily nutritional requirements from dietary sources due to dietary restrictions of lifestyle difficulties, supplementation might be helpful.


US Clinicals’ StrongBone utilises mineral-rich seaweed that consists of calcium, magnesium, zinc, iron and selenium. To boost the body’s nutritional status, absorption of calcium and further support digestion, prebiotics, magnesium, vitamin D3 and a fruits and vegetable blend are also added. Each StrongBone capsule contains just the right amount of elemental calcium (200mg), fitting right in alongside your daily meals and busy lifestyle to ensure that you get an adequate amount of calcium, optimised for absorption with all the necessary nutrients.


US Clinicals StrongBone is certified vegan and certified halal. It is suitable for vegetarians. U.P. $49 / 1 Box (90 capsules). Available at all major pharmacies such as Guardian, Unity and Watsons island wide.

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