Do Babies need supplements in Singapore?

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Do Babies need supplements in Singapore?

Picky eating Babies need supplement to complete their diets.

All parents in Singapore have the tenancy to provide the more-than-usual attention to the overall well being of their children. While this might seem a little overwhelming to some, is due to the low birth rate and competitive pace for children who are growing up in Singapore.

When walking into Watson, Guardian, or any pharmacy stores, parents will see a full range of health products for children. Having a wide variety is great for the consumer as they will be spoilt for choice, but it also adds an additional problem of choosing the most suitable product, hence a dilemma in decision-making.


Here are some of the supplements that are recommended for children:

  1. Brain growth, these supplements provide aid to the growth in your child’s brain to speed up the learning process.
  2. Bones, as they are the structure, protection, and mobility of a body. Bone supplements are usually one of the most frequently purchase items for children.
  3. The immune system, a healthy immune system is essential to fend off viruses and illnesses.
  4. Vision, as eyes provide direction and vision to kids. Furthermore, with the increasing reliance on smart devices and exposure of blue rays, it is crucial to ensure protection for your children.


So is getting all these supplements necessary?

Health supplements help to create strong protection to prevent your kids from getting into bad health complications. However, many parents will often question if supplements are required for kids growing up. In fact, supplements are not necessary if your children are not picky eaters as they absorb enough nutrients through a balanced diet.


What are the sufficient nutrients required for a balanced diet?

A child's diet should have some similarities compared to an adult in terms of nutritional value. However, as the growing process of children is important, it is advised to avoid processed food like sausage, ham, bacon and even microwaved food. Fresh food is lower in sugar, and also high in water and fiber, making it much healthier than processed foods.

Here is a list of food that is good for children's development.

  1. Fruits and Vegetable, oranges, dark-green leaves such as spinach, broccoli, and papaya.
  2. Milk formula provides nutritional values and aids in bone and teeth growth.
  3. Fish is one of the most important sources for eye, brain and skin development.
  4. Eggs are an excellent source of iron and are a nutritious source of protein, fat, Vitamins A, D, E, and B12 and choline.
  5. Oatmeal aids to keep brain and heart arteries clear and adding some cinnamon compound may protect brain cells according to data collected from studies.


What are the recommended Kids supplements to buy?

If your child is a picky eater, consider getting certain supplements to fill their dietary gaps. Here is our recommendation for the best children supplement to aid child growth.

  1. US Clinical StrongBrain Kids – A chewable and delicious burstlet that has great benefits to the eyes, brain, memory, joints, and immune system.
  2. US Clinical StrongEye Kids – Fruity chewable tablet with clinical studies to offer visual performance and other health benefits for children.
  3. US Clinical StrongImmune Kids – helps strengthen your child's immune system to fight against infections. Comes in a chewable tablet that has a fruity flavour.
  4. US Clinical StrongBone Kids – aids growth in bones and teeth for children, packed in milk-flavour chewable tablet form.


As a parent, it's natural to be giving your children the best to support their growth and development. Similarly, at US Clinicals, we aim to support your little one’s growing phases by offering only the best children supplements in Singapore.

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