A Joint Effort This Lunar New Year

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A Joint Effort This Lunar New Year
With about a month left to the Lunar New Year, are you feeling the hustle and bustle yet? If anything, the Circuit Breaker allowed us to appreciate our family a little more, and the time we got to spend with them. A trivial activity like dining out used to be taken for granted, but with the updated Phase 3 maximum capacity of 8 people, everyone is thrilled to go all out for the upcoming festivities! Here’s 3 ways to ensure your CNY preparations are smooth sailing.

#1 Prep ahead for the Big Day
Okay, it’s probably not the “biggest” day in our lives, but it is still a day worth putting in some effort for! By prepping, we mean ordering your festive ingredients ahead if you plan to cook and host meals from your home. Many take the availability of ingredients for granted, but truth is, it is tough to jostle with the crowd close to the festive period. A life hack would be to order online to ensure your ingredients are scheduled for delivery on time!
Meals prepare for the big day
When it comes down to cooking, hours of standing on your feet in the kitchen is not something anyone looks forward to – despite the rewarding moment when the table is set. Joint stiffness and joint swelling are not uncommon, many of us experience it after prolonged standing! Pro-tip: Get your StrongJoint fix from US Clinicals to support your joints.

#2 Get your home pristine clean
Prior to the Lunar New Year, hygiene is paramount as we want to give others a good impression when visitors come over. For the Chinese, there is a deeper meaning behind the cleaning of our houses before the Lunar New Year! This symbolizes “sweeping away the old/bad luck” and welcoming the new year.
House cleaning during Lunar New Year
This important ritual usually entails physically taxing chores such as sweeping and mopping the floor, wiping cabinets, changing bedsheets, cushion covers and curtains. All of these can lead to joint discomfort and pain due to the amount of effort that is being exerted. If you know of anyone who might be undertaking such chores, a bottle of StrongJoint from US Clinicals can help to ease the burden on their bodies.

#3 D-Day: Dress up & Enjoy Visiting!
Dress up during Lunar New Year
During the Lunar New Year, wearing new clothes symbolizes a new start and fresh hopes for the New Year. While many are elated to shop for their new clothes online, others prefer to browse physical stores for their new outfits. Regardless of which group you fall under, once the Lunar New Year comes around, there might be some walking involved due to house visits (and posing for OOTDs). For those who experience discomfort and difficulty with walking, a joint supplement like StrongJoint will come in handy during daily life.

StrongJoint – Your Go-to Best Selling Joint Supplement
Now, you might wonder, how does this supplement actually work? US Clinicals’ StrongJoint is a revolutionary and fast-acting formula scientifically designed to help promote joint comfort and mobility. It is formulated with breakthrough ingredients such as Collagen Type II and BosPure® and popular joint care ingredients such as Glucosamine, Chondroitin, MSM and Hyaluronic Acid.
US Clinicals® StrongJoint™
Having received countless awards since its inception in 2014 (namely Unity Popular Choice Awards, Watsons Health Wellness & Beauty Awards, and Guardian Healthy Beauty Award), the efficacy of StrongJoint’s targeted formula has been proven over the last 7 years.

Its benefits include:
• Relieving stiffness and joint pain in knees, hands, shoulders, feet, hips, and spine
• Repairing and renewing joint cartilage
• Providing lubrication for joints
• Relieving joint swelling and inflammation
• Preventing joint creaking
• Increasing joint flexibility and mobility

Be sure to snag a bottle of this for yourself or members of your family who need it for the new year!

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