Make Valentine’s a Good Time

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Make Valentine’s a Good Time
Valentine’s Day is often seen as the World’s most romantic day.

Couples indulge in expensive dinners, flaunt bouquets, and take adorable selfies while others celebrate their friendships (aka ‘Galentine’s Day’) and their singlehood instead.

Regardless of your relationship status, Valentine’s Day is a good reminder to celebrate love in all its forms – with the people who matter most.

Read on for classic Valentine Day gift ideas that might put a smile on anyone’s face:



Here is a fun fact about flowers and Valentine’s Day: Did you know that the tradition of giving flowers on Valentine’s Day dates way back to the 17th century?

On a trip to Persia, King Charles II of Sweden learned the “language of flowers” which pairs different flowers with specific meanings. No prizes for guessing what red roses represent. Deep love.

Flowers might seem like a cliché but for those who are fond of them, the choices are endless. A myriad of colourful flowers in all shapes and sizes can be bundled, boxed or wrapped up as a gift.

Unfortunately, flowers do not come cheap. A bouquet can easily amount to over $100.

Keeping these COVID-19 times in mind, we’ve sourced a few florists who offer bouquets below $50 and speedy deliveries: Farm Florist, The Bloom Box & Happy Bunch



For some, Valentine’s Day is not complete without flowers AND chocolate.

As a commonly consumed confectionary item, everyone has their preferences and opinions when it comes to the type of chocolate they like best.

Do they like milk chocolate, white chocolate or dark chocolate? Do they prefer their chocolate with fruit or with nuts? Do they like a dash of alcohol in their chocolate? Do they prefer it in a specific shape or form, say a bar versus buttons versus bon bons?

It would be best to consider your recipient when selecting what chocolate to get them.

In support of local chocolatiers, here are some Singapore-based options you can consider: Fossa Chocolate, Lemuel Chocolate & Happy Cioccolato


Something Special

Valentine’s Day gifts do not necessarily have to be confined to flowers and chocolate. One can also consider the recipient’s current lifestyle and health needs for a personalized and beneficial gift.

Lifestyle Health Concern For Him For Her
Prolonged use of digital screens Myopia StrongEye
High alcohol intake Fatty Liver StrongLiver
High stress/anxiety

Frequent Flier

Jet Lag
Sportspersons Muscle wear & tear StrongJoint Sports
Intense study of workload Memory loss StrongBrain
Urinary discomfort; UTIs StrongProstate StrongBladder
Fatigue, lack of strength & stamina StrongMan
Pre-menstrual syndrome PerfectBeauty
High cholesterol;

High blood pressure



Acid reflux
Joint discomfort

Osteoporosis StrongBone

*For more information, simply click on the product names to find out more!


Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

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