Indoor activities for your children

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Indoor activities for your children

As we are struck by this pandemic situation, working from home with your kids is a joyful yet frustrating experience. While we are happy to be spending more time with our little ones, some parents might feel the frustration while dividing their time between their WFH and their children’s online lessons. Afterall, some children might not be independent enough to manage their school work by themselves. Hence, it does help to keep them focused on home-based learning and occupied with other home activities when they are free.

Here are some of the activities which we believe can aid in child development.

 Inspire your kids with home based activities to help them learn better

Activities that inspire creativity

Creativity is one of the most important skills in the future as the rise of AI may threaten many labour jobs. Thus, give your children some leftover decorative items in the house and ask them to create something out of them. Such ideas can be found on YouTube, here is a link which you can follow -

 A good activity like treasure hunt can aid in your childs development

Make a treasure hunting game

Kids do not get motivated if they are being pampered with whatever they want. Therefore, making your house into a treasure hunting game will spark their interest and competitiveness. You can also try to introduce some simple house chores as tasks for their treasure hunt!


Financial game for children helps them learn money managing skills

Create a financial game

Use some papers which you want to recycle to do up a financial game currency. Thereafter, set game rules which the kids can achieve to get game currency rewards. At the end of the day, tabulate the amount they earn and teach them the importance of earning money.

 Reward your kids with a fancy dinner date at home

Plan for a fancy home dinner

With the heightened alert for phase 2, we aren’t able to be dining out. Why not create your own version of fine-dining with them, and your children can help with the food preparation, and decorating the dining area. Before  dinner, get them to dress up to make it even enticing. Tips: consider a cartoon theme to excite them

 keep your kids occupied with home gardening activites

Plant a home garden

Recycle egg cartons and plant some herbs like parsley, dill, rosemary, and mint. Teach your children how to take care of them and what they should do to pick up good gardening skills. This helps to train their patience for learning.


Home based experiment for kids help to teach them the basics of science

Do scientific experiments

Teach your kids science with scientific experiments, such examples could be found on YouTube or Facebook videos.


Perform talent in front of the camera

Putting your little ones in front of the camera helps them to boost their confidence, and that is fairly important in developing their self-esteem. get them to display their dance moves with kid-friendly kpop videos from youtube or tiktok, or participate in  live streaming drama classes.

Jigsaw puzzle trains the basic logical thinking skills of your children.

Solve jigsaw puzzles

The research found a positive association between puzzle skills and intellectual abilities. Furthermore, people who solve the puzzles in the shortest time also scored highest on visual and spatial cognition tests.


Train your children athletic abilities

Children's development does not only revolve around learning and brain capabilities. Your children must grow up with healthy and fit bodies.


US Clinical StrongImmune Kids

At the end of the day, the journey for your kids to grow up is very short. Therefore, as parents, you should cherish the time where you can see your children grow up. Yes, work is important, however, seeing the growth of your kids is a priceless experience.

While home based activities are important to help keep children indoors during the heightened phase 2, it is also important to build up your child’s immunity at the same time. Strong Immune Kids is a multivitamin filled with strong antioxidants and immune-boosting nutrients including 12 vitamins, 5 minerals and 3 billion live Probiotic cells, enhance your child’s immune system with our holistic formula. Find out more.

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