Simple Eye Relaxation Tips To Relieve Eyestrain

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Simple Eye Relaxation Tips To Relieve Eyestrain

As reliance on phones, laptops, and tablets grew, the number of people suffering from vision problems is increasing. While the main culprit of poor vision is aging, our current lifestyle is the main contributor to the cause of poor eye health.

Our eyes are important as they provide visuals to our lives and living with poor or blurry eyesight is extremely inconvenient. It would get even worst as smart devices usages are occupying most of our time. Thus, we must start taking care of our eyes, and here are a few simple eye relaxation tips to boost their longevity.

1. Follow the 20-20-20 rules

To keep your eye from getting tired at work, take a 20-seconds break every 20 minute and focus on something that is located at least 20 feet away from you. This exercise helps prevent digital eye strains and eye damages in the long run.


Massage your eyes every 30 minutes after working to have healthier eyes

2. Massage your eyes twice a day for 5 minutes

Massage your eyes 2 times a day to improve your eyes health. Massaging your eyes also keeps the eye lubricated and allows your eyes to rest and relax.


Increase the frequency of blinking is good for your eyes.

3.Increase the frequency of blinking

A long period of using digital devices causes the eyes to be dry and fatigue. Hence, increasing the frequency of blinking lowers the strain on the eyes while keeping your brain fresh to process new visual data.


4. Focus on Objects Near and Far

After a long time of working, look at far objects and trace them for 1 minute to help improve your eye muscle and vision. Upon tracing a far object, change the focus on a near object for 1 minute. Thereafter, relax your eyes for another minute before getting back to work. Practice this habit to improve your eyesight after some time.


Here are some food that is good for eyes health

5.Consume food and health supplements that protect your eyes

Food products like fish and leafy green vegetables are good food for the eyes. Additionally, you should consume eye supplements to keep your eyes strong and healthy. A great choice will be US Clinicals® Strongeye, this product helps your eyes with the following:

  • Promote strong and healthy eyes
  • Improve night vision
  • Improves eye comfort and lubrication
  • Boost healthy blood circulation to the eyes
  • Stronger eye functions


US Clinical StrongEye is a great supplement to support your eye health


Remember while work is important, a strong body is the most important factor to successful career paths. Start building a stronger and healthier body and attain greater success for your careers in the future.

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