Tips for Men Health

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Tips for Men Health

Your health is as important as your career so it is not cool for you to wait till you are in the 50s before you start taking care of it. Men need to stay fit and strong by taking care of their mental and physical health. No wealth can buy health and youth, regardless of the fortune, you accumulated. Hence, here are some healthy tips for men to consider practicing as young as possible.

Men needs to do health checks yearly to ensure great body health


It is recommended that you do a health check-up yearly if possible as underlying illness can be treated if detected early. A basic medical check-up in Singapore starts from $60 if you visit government-subsidized clinics. Furthermore, a check-up can also help detect minor problems which may be affecting your performance, such as obesity, cholesterol, and sugar level.

 Men should exercise twice a week for 30 mins to have great health

  1. Exercise at least twice a week for 30 mins

Exercise is the key to maintain a healthy heart and with that, you can prevent major diseases from happening. Additionally, with a healthy heart, smooth blood flow will deliver nutrients and oxygen while fighting against infections.

 Maintain a balanced meal can improve a man's health and performance.

  1. Maintain a balanced diet

When we are young we gorge on every food product as our body needs the energy and nutrients to grow. However, you should stop this habit and maintain a balanced diet to attain a healthy body. Feasting on unhealthy food and sugary drinks elevates your chances of getting into health issues. Instead, choose more vegetables, lean meat, and non-sugary drinks for your daily meals.


Career may be important for man, however, you will need to relief stress to maintain a healthy body.
  1. Relieve your stress

Is your career taking up all of your time? If yes, you should start to diversify the workload and make time for stress relief. Although work opportunities do not come easily on the other hand our health is unable to restart. Therefore, choose your work opportunities wisely while balancing time for family and life.

Nutrition fact – Stress and anxiety are key factors that may lead to Erectile dysfunction

 Man should get at least 6 to 8 hours of sleep to remain focused and perform at your peak performance.

  1. Get at least 6 to 8 hours of sleep daily

Most Singapore men are sleep-deprived and this is one of the causes of poor work performance. Sleeping too little will affect your focus and increase your chances of making a bad decision at work. Furthermore, lack of sleep may lead to obesity, heart disease, and diabetes.


Smoking can cause harmful effects to man help, stop smoking to revitalize your body and protect your loved ones.
  1. Limit Alcohol and stop smoking

A glass of red wine per day is beneficial to your health as it contains antioxidants and prevents coronary artery disease. Hence, limit your happy hour session to 1 or at most 2 glasses of red wine.

QUIT SMOKING! Smoking does not only affect you, it affects your loved ones and the environment. Smoking is the primary cause of all major diseases and it may affect child development if your wife is constantly inhaling second-hand smoke during pregnancy.


US Clinicals StrongMan is a health supplement which can help man to boost performance and vitality.
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