The Role of Calcium in Bone Health

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The Role of Calcium in Bone Health

Calcium is a mineral your body needs to build and maintain strong bones and carry out many essential functions. Almost all calcium in the body is stored in bones and teeth, giving them structure and hardness.


The importance of calcium

  • Forms strong bones and teeth
  • Normalizes heart rhythm
  • Plays a crucial role in blood clotting


Lack of calcium can cause several conditions, such as:

🦴 Osteoporosis - Causes weak, fragile bones and increases the risk of falling

🦴 Rickets - A disease in children that causes soft, weak bones

🦴 Osteomalacia - Causes soft bones in children and adults


However, lack of calcium can be overcome by consuming a good and rich calcium supplement.



StrongBone Characteristics

US Clinicals StrongBone™ provides the calcium that your body needs. It's scientifically tested with a holistic and digestive-friendly calcium formula for ultimate bone health.


Benefits of consuming StrongBone™️ 

  • Improve bone density
  • Replenish bone mineral loss
  • Maximize calcium absorption
  • Strengthen bone, teeth & joint health


Save yourself from weak and brittle bones with StrongBone™️!

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